Women and standardisation: let’s get involved!

Dr Delphine Bard marking International Women’s Day 2022

Dr Delphine Bard is a Principal Scientist in HSE’s Science and Research Centre in Buxton. To mark International Women’s Day 2022, Delphine talks about her work in standardisation and why women should get involved. 

“I am an aerosol scientist working for the health and safety executive and have been actively involved in standardisation on a national and international level for more than 15 years. I am a committee member of BSI (British Standard Institute), CEN (European Standardisation committee) and ISO (International Standard Organisation) including BSI NTI/1, CEN TC 352 and ISO TC 229 (Nanotechnologies) and BSI EH2/2 and CEN TC 137 (Assessment of workplace exposure – Particulate Matter).

“I have contributed to and lead the development of standards and in doing so I have participated in numerous national and international meetings. At times it has been challenging, but rewarding. I have learnt soft skills including active listening, influencing, assertiveness and diplomacy, which have helped me in discussions and debates when different viewpoints are expressed, but a consensus has to be reached. These soft skills have also helped me to progress in my career within my organisation.

“Most of all, I believe I have made a positive impact on the development of standards, with my aim to make workplaces safer and healthier and at the same time encouraging innovation and industry growth. I have gained from and shared scientific knowledge with a wide range of professionals and experts of diverse background and culture. I have networked and this has led to the development of scientific collaborations with industry, academia and other scientific organisations.

“My involvement in standardisation has made me a better scientist. The recent development of online meeting is making it easier for women like me, who have childcare responsibilities, to participate. Standards are important and diversity including a good representation from women makes better standards. So, let’s get involved.”