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Inaugural HSE Energy Conference to explore ‘The Future of Gas’

1 December 2017

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), supported by the Institution of Gas Engineers & Managers (IGEM), will host the Safety Excellence in Energy conference on Thursday, 15 February 2018 in Leeds.

The energy system in the UK is changing as it pushes to decarbonise and achieve its emission reduction targets to 2050. New innovative technologies are under development to ensure carbon targets are met, and these have implications for everyone from energy sector innovators, energy companies through to end consumers.

The role of gas in this emerging low carbon energy system is becoming clearer and is likely to be more complex than today. There are challenges to be faced in managing the risks related to introducing alternative gasses into the UK’s gas grid to safely enable energy storage, the integration of renewables, hydrogen and the production and use of bio-gas from biomass.

To address these challenges HSE is hosting Safety Excellence in Energy: The Future of Gas.

Working in partnership is one of the strengths of the British health and safety system, and this event will unite keynote speakers representing industry, the Government and research.

The conference will bring together the latest knowledge in this area, from ongoing activities and recent research across government and the gas industry, while sharing knowledge and lessons learned by HSE’s technical specialists, to ensure we enable safe innovation. This knowledge is potentially valuable to a wide and varied audience. In particular the event is aimed at:

  • Directors of gas supplies, distributors, end users, equipment manufacturers and researchers
  • Energy sector representatives responsible for innovation , R&D, and health and safety
  • Risk management professionals
  • Process safety engineers
  • Senior gas engineers who will be affected by the impact of changes in the energy sector

Attendees will benefit from speaker presentations on:

  • the future of gas in an emerging low carbon energy system
  • asset management and possible transition pathways to transport different gases and mixtures through the gas network safely
  • energy vector options that could be transported in the network
  • Power to Gas technology and its contribution to decarbonising the gas grid, including HyDeploy, a project which aims to inject a maximum of 20% hydrogen (a clean, carbon-free gas that does not contribute to climate change) into the existing natural gas network.

“I regularly meet with stakeholders across the Energy Sector and there is a lot of good work driving towards the UK’s 2050 decarbonisation target. I am delighted that at this event we will focus on enabling safe innovation to accelerate progress still further“, says Chris Flint, HSE’s Director of Energy Division.


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