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HSE responds to criticism over rat poison use

3 May 2013

HSE has responded to a column in the Dorset Echo penned by Paul Millard of the Country Land & Business Association (30 April) criticising HSE’s approach to the use of ‘second generation’ rat poisons

Sir, I wish to reassure Paul Millard of the Country Land & Business Association (Rural Matters, 30 April), that HSE is working with a whole host of groups in a bid to strike a balance between environmental and public health concerns in relation to the use of ‘second generation rat poisons’.

He can rest assured that we are not doing anything that goes above and beyond EU law. To keep step with European timescales, HSE has adopted an interim position on their use. This has included extending the use of certain types so they can be used around buildings where previously they were restricted to indoor use only and scaling back the use of others to in and around buildings where the public hygiene need is usually greatest.

In a recent meeting (23 April) there was broad agreement from a range of interested parties including the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, manufacturers, wildlife groups and pest controllers to consider some changes that would lead to areas of use being less prescriptive if coupled with more active product stewardship for safe and responsible use. CLA has, so far, not actively participated in any discussions but we are happy to keep them up to date on progress.

Sarah Shore
Head of Biocides, Pesticides & Environment
Health and Safety Executive